Indicator 6 – Mother-to-Mother Support and Community Outreach

Indicator 6 of the WBTi provides a score for Mother Support and Community Outreach – Community- based support for the pregnant and breastfeeding mother. It asks if there are systems in place to protect, promote and support optimal infant and young child feeding through evidence-based public health policies, health providers and particularly the support of other mothers.

Community-based mother-to-mother support has been found to be useful in all settings to ensure exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months. As found in a 2017 Cochrane Review of 73 studies with data from 74,656 mother-infant pairs concluded that “when breastfeeding support is offered to women, the duration and exclusivity of breastfeeding is increased.”

In WBTi terms, community-based support is defined as:

  • Providing accurate and timely information to help a mother build confidence;
  • Providing sound evidence-based recommendations;
  • Providing compassionate care before, during and after childbirth;
  • Practicing empathy and active listening;
  • And providing practical guidance.

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The level of community outreach and support is measured through five key questions:

  • Do all pregnant women have access to community-based antenatal and postnatal support systems with counselling services on infant and young child feeding?
  • Do all women receive support for infant and young child feeding at birth for breastfeeding initiation?
  • Do all women have access to counselling support for infant and young child feeding counselling with support services having national coverage?
  • Are community-based counselling services for pregnant and breastfeeding women integrated into an overall infant and young child health and development policy?
  • Are community-based volunteers and health workers trained in counselling skills for infant and young child feeding?

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Mary Peterson

Mary is a women’s rights advocate, community organiser and a volunteer breastfeeding counsellor with the Australian Breastfeeding Association. She’s based in the Northern Territory with her partner and young son.

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