10 things you need to ask about women in Australia right now.

women's rights

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Do policies and programs in Australia respect, protect and fulfil the rights of women and children to access information and support for health and nutrition:

  • through policies and programs that recognise the economic and cultural value of raising children;
  • through the provision of unobstructed access to evidence-based woman-centred care in the health system;
  • through regulation of marketing of breast-milk substitutes and foods for infants and young children;
  • through the provision of workplace protections and policies that enable families to care for their children in the early years’;
  • though national regulation requiring skills and knowledge of the full scope of women’s health by Australian Health Professional Regulation Authority (AHPRA);
  • through referral and support in the healthcare system to trained counsellors and specialists for infant and young child feeding;
  • through national health campaigns that educate the public on the global recommendations for women and children to optimise health and nutrition;
  • through health care and maternity services that are reflective of the most current global recommendations for mothers and HIV;
  • by a national emergency plan that provides adequate guidance on the care of mothers and their children in emergencies; and
  • through the routine collection of data relating to the most basic and essential health measures?

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