Second WBTi Assessment for Australia coming soon!

The World Breastfeeding Trends Initiative (WBTi) is a grassroots initiative designed to uphold the breastfeeding rights of women and children by measuring and monitoring policy progress in countries around the world, using an assessment tool developed by the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN). To date, it has been used in over 100 countries.

The first WBTi assessment in Australia was published in 2018. Australia scored 25.5/150 and ranked third last out of 98 countries.

The second WBTi assessment in Australia is now underway in 2022,

With a pending Federal Election, it is important that WBTi Australia (WBTiAus) works strategically to ensure the major parties are informed about Australia’s progress on policy that protects promotes, and supports the breastfeeding rights of women and children.

Thus far:

  • The Core Group membership has reconvened, with some changes in membership, we welcome Assoc. Prof Elaine Burns, and Dr Bindi Borg.
  • A Reference Group has been established to review the reporting activities and outcomes – we have been joined by Dietitians Australia, Public Health Association Australia, Maternal Child and Family Health Nurses Australia.  
  • The WBTi Indicators have been reviewed, and recommendations on Australia’s scoring have been tabled, with consideration given to the revised WBTi Global criteria (2019)
  • Weekly memes reflecting the Core Group’s assessment of each Indicator are now being posted on social media – Facebook and Twitter.

Next Steps:

  • March – April – a detailed review of the rationale for the recommended 2022 Indicator Scores
  • April – May – complete reporting on the detailed review of the 2022 Indicator Scores
  • May – June – Reference Group to review scores and reporting, and provide feedback
  • December, (i) finalise the report and send to Global WBTi

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